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Kundera, revisited periodically

"We all need somebody to look at us. We can be divided into four categories according to the kind of look we wish to live under. The first category longs for the look of an infinite number of anonymous eyes, in other words, for the look of the public…
The second category is made up of people who have a vital need to be looked at by many known eyes. They are the tireless hosts of cocktail parties and dinners…
Then there is the third category, the category of people who need to be constantly before the eyes of the person they love. Their situation is as dangerous as the situation of people in the first category. One day the eyes of their beloved will close, and the room will go dark..
And finally there is the fourth category, the rarest, the category of people who live in the imaginary eyes of those who are not present. They are the dreamers.”

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Le voilà terminé, non sans mal haha ! Il m’aura donné beaucoup de fil à retordre mais j’ai quand même pris un grand plaisir à dessiner M. Le Grand Duc. (J’en profite pour préciser également, car je sais, je ne l’ai écrit nulle part : AUCUN de mes travaux présentés sur ce Tumblr ou sur toute autre plateforme, N’EST LIBRE DE DROITS. Pour toute utilisation, je vous prierai de bien vouloir me DEMANDER MON AUTORISATION. Merci !)

Stylo bille noir

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Woman Photographs Herself Receiving Strange Looks in Public - PetaPixel

 Self awareness and reverse judgment. It feels strange and a little ticklish. 

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The extent to which the bubble blowers of today make, do, or really generate anything of any worth is irrelevant to their sycophants—investors, groupies, conference organizers, and beat reporters, all of which now usually overlap. Your startup doesn’t need to be good, it just needs to be disruptive (read: daringly convoluted), if only for a moment. It doesn’t need to be competent, it just needs to be impetuous. It doesn’t even really need to be—a “Coming Soon” website with a nonsense name is enough for a seat at the table. Get a computer science degree, head west, think of a silly title, drop the vowels, shake hands, and wait for free-flowing millions you don’t deserve in exchange for a service no one needs.
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Today it was graphic tablet.

The Maki’s Yellow Cup

=> http://society6.com/LeslieTychsem/The-Makis-yellow-cup

why. oui. por supreso

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street art by brainfoetus 


street art by brainfoetus 

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In 1994, an earthquake knocked out the power in Los Angeles. Many residents called local emergency centers reporting a strange “giant, silvery cloud” in the dark sky. That giant, silvery cloud was the Milky Way, which many residents had just seen for the first time.

IFLS: International Dark Skies Week (April 5-11)

everything about this is pretty 

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